Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Listen to this: Katy Perry

This bitch gon' be famous. The Glen Ballard-y production and poppy songwriting almost guarantees it. Plus, she's fuckin' sassy. The track she's getting the most attention for right now (which isn't even her best) is "Ur So Gay," a song about an ex-boyfriend who's totally lame and self-involved.

Good morning

In case you ever felt good-looking

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie are the most ridiculously good-looking couple on Earth.

P.S. We totally think she's preggers.

Suck UK is cool

We're not sure enough Americans know about a company called Suck UK, so let us tell you about it: They make some cool-ass shit, including a razorblade mirror and a sick leather chair that looks exactly like Dr. Claw's. You should look at everything they have, although it might leave you cursing the strength of the US dollar.

Buzz kill

Sin City hottie Jaime King (aka former super hot model James King) has married her director beau, Kyle Newman. The good news? Naked pics from her modeling days are still available on the Internet.