Thursday, March 26, 2009

E-Cigarette: A New Alternative to Smoking

Do you want to quit smoking but, like, not really?

The e-cigarette is a new alternative to smoking. It's essentially a nicotine inhaler that looks like a cigarette.

Manufacturer Smoking Everywhere says it looks, feels and tastes like a real cigarette. When you take a drag, it releases a small amount of nicotine vapor that looks like real smoke when exhaled. It has no flame, which totally means you can "smoke" at the airport and in bars. A starter kit costs about $100 and refill nicotine cartridges (one cartridge = 20 cigs) come in packs of five for $9.99.

This product has not yet been approved by the FDA. Allegedly, the FDA hasn't approved e-cigarettes because they qualify as drugs and are therefore illegal (um, hi, what are cigarettes?). "There is not sufficient evidence that (they) are safe products for human consumption," Timothy O'Leary of the World Health Organization said. It has, however, been approved by Michael Lohan.


Clarice said...

Well, I really hope that they don't see discount vaporizers as illegal too. My brother depends so much in them because it eases his smoking cravings without harm, and I don't him to go back to smoking cigarettes again. I wish that they would see how much vaporizers have helped people who are addicted to the sticks.

Emmy said...

E-cigarettes, huh. I sure do hope that I can find one of these in Fayetteville. Dentists here are really going to fix your teeth up no matter what caused the damage, but that doesn't mean that you can damage your teeth in any way you want, right? Man, these dentists in Fayetteville, NC are really awesome.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion. I really do hope I can find a shop here that sells those.